Pencil sketch | Fearless girl – Little Red Riding Hood

I guess we all know about her That it’s a fairy tale about a girl and a big bad wolf, And she used to wear a red cloak every time while she goes out so, everyone in the village named her LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.
But guys do you all know the message that her story conveys?
It usually has happened to you all beautiful ladies that our moms used to dress us up somewhat like her with a cape.
Its cool right?
But that bad story of her frightens all of us in some or the other way, I’ll tell you how.
Here’s a short brief story about her:
Once upon a time, she asked her mother if we could go to meet her grandmother.
Her mother agreed and packed a basket full of goodies.
So while she was leaving from the house her mother cautioned her that go straight and please don’t talk to stranger’s.
She specified her that the woods are dangerous.
She replied to her mom : don’t worry I’ll he careful.
She walked away and while going she was enjoying the warm summer forgetting her promise given to mother, and she collected beautiful flowers,watched butterflies AMD listened to the frog croaking.
But the poor girl didn’t notice a shadow approaching behind her.
Suddenly, the wolf appeared.
He asked her friendly that what are you doing here ??
She replied him with all the information regarding her grandmother’s house.
Before she reached there the wolf took a shortcut And knocked her grandmother’s door saying that he’s little red riding hood.
She took that bad wolf in BT before she says something the wolf gobbled her up!!
Then he dressed up himself like a little red riding hoods grandmother.
Few minutes later she came and knocked at the door. The wolf jumped into the bed and pulled the covers on his nose and in crackling voice said her to come in.
When she came in, she couldn’t recognize her grandmother.
She asked many questioned regarding the looks that the wolf have because it wasn’t similar to her grandmother.
He answered all the questions, and in the last when she asked, “what big teeth you have .”
He replied “The better to eat you” and roared leaping out of the bed chasing her.
She realized that the person in the bed was not her grandmother and started running across the room to protect herself.
She came near the door and shouted out loudly, “Help !! Wolf !!.”
A woodsman heard her voice and ran towards the cottage as fast as he could.
He then grabbed the wolf and made him spit out of the poor grandmother.
She said to her grandmother that she was so scared and sobbed that she will never speak to strangers, nor she will dawdle in the forest.
Grandmother thanked the woodsman, and he knocked out from the cottage and carried the wolf deep into the forest where he couldn’t find anyone around himself.
And Then, little red riding hood, and her grandmother had a nice lunch and a good chat.
So by this story we can figure out that:
“FEAR,” isn’t so difficult to understand.
After all we all get frightened as children weren’t we?
So guys nothing has changed since red riding hood faced the big bad wolf till now.
Because, see what frightens us today is the same fear which frightened us yesterday.
The thing is, its just a different wolf which we face in every other situation leading towards us in different situation.
This fright complex is routed in every individual.
It depends on us ,how do we tackle it and the most important thing how do we react on that situation.
Rather, than getting panic on such a situation we should face it calmly and smartly.
Like this the understanding of arts also depend on ones willingness.
It depends on ones humanity and one’s knowledge of human life.
So guys always remember this and don’t let anyone harm you and anyone else.
Thank you❤😊.

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