Here’s a  “LOVE POETRY “related to the picture:

It just make me happy being by your side, 

The feelings I’ve for you only continue to grow within me inside.


It gives me butterflies on every touch of yours,

Because I do know that with you I’m secure.


It makes me more happy when you smile ,

As your smile never goes out of our style .


But it tears me apart when you are sad,

As your sadness makes me mad .


I love the way you care,

And everything that you simply share, 

I promise all my feelings will always be true,

And I’ll always be there for you .


Many More things for you I can do,

Because I’m always thinking “ABOUT YOU”.


Just remember this,

You will always be in my heart,

I can’t bare the pain of being apart,

 Because nobody is special as you’re for me 

And I know that we are meant to be❤️🌍🔒.


Well talking about true love, do you people know actually what true love really means??

See if you guys think ;

truelove is that what we see in movies n all so let me tell you that it’s absolutely wrong.

I was told by an elderly lady, who is married to her “soulmate” that :
TRUE LOVE is that the foremost AMAZING FEELING you’ll EVER EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE, at an Equivalent TIME it’ll BE the toughest WORK you’ll EVER neutralize YOUR LIFE “.
My parents are also “soulmates” .

They deeply and truly love eachother. They are together for more than 25years and More than 18 years of marriage they still can’t get enough of eachother and they cherish every moment they spend together.
And from these I could see how much power and strength true love can add to a person’s life.

So what I’m trying to say y’all here is that , see guys where true love is there is unconditional care, love , understanding , endless trust and support which connects two human being together and keep them as one soul which you people would say as soulmate .

The trust which they have on eachother from the very first moment when they saw eachother just keep growing and growing then no matter what happens nobody can never apart them from eachother .

And you know true love is not only about giving and taking but it’s about sharing little little moments together ,it’s all about the other person and also about ” us ” in that.
And it’s always about being there for eachother in every damn situation no matter what happens.

Here’s it’s an overwhelmingly feeling where they just want to help the person at any cost whom they love expecting nothing in return .
Also , Happiness and success of a person’s matters the most .

It’s when misbehaving or misundersting of a person’s hurts us more rather than our own troubles .

You know sometimes it’s exhausting, irritating, frustrating and pleasing , helpful,satisfying and many more feeling which comes between this but overcoming on all the things which leads one another going apart they still keep loving eachother .

You will never doubt on your love and can’t be angry with that person for very long because a day without talking to that person feels like a year passed away. So you can never be angry with eachother for a long time .

And guys see if we truly love a person na then we will be experiencing every possible feeling which a human being have in them.
Have you all ever expect this all would be a part of true love ?

I think the answer is not because usually when people talk about true love they think about short-lived attraction.
But it’s not the only thing because in true love you all must understand each and every situation and them react on it because we don’t know when will one mistake of ours will lead us to lose the person we love.







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