FRIENDSHIP❤👭👬 | Winnie the pooh and piglet.

Talking about Winnie the pooh and piglet’s friendship so :
One can say that they both are inseparable.
They both used to follow each other, take’s each other’s side no matter what happens and chase each other.
To save pooh from danger piglet even risked his life.
His worst fear is that each one his friends are going to be lost forever.

If you reside to be 100, I would like to be 100 minus at some point.
So, I never have to live without you.
You will always remember ;
You’re braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem,
And smarter than you think.
So guys Friendship is such a pure relationship between two people which becomes stronger and stronger day by day as the bond between two people grow more and more with the help of communication, outings and sharing things.
In friendship,Friends Always accept each others flaws,love them unconditionally no matter what.
You never have to beg for help because a true Friend always stand by his/her Friend in every situation and guide’s him/her to do the right thing.
It Is built on compassion.
Guys see even though we have a small heart but it could hold so many feelings and emotions that one can’t figure out.
But in friendship all this comes under on table.
Because sometimes it happens there is more than one kind of friend.
We have many friends But generally we keep some people much closer to us.
Someone said our best friend also have a best friend.
It hurts but here we don’t have to feel low just be kind and have courage to express your feeling to your friend so, one or the other day he/she will realize that who is more real and loyal.
Because see sometimes even good things end so most important thing is that we should stick together with each other and be open to them.
We should show our gratitude towards our friendship and honor each other on good things.
Most important is to keep trust on each other and admire opinion’s of one other even if we don’t agree on it.
So guys just want to say be with your friends and always trust each other.
Do give your opinion regarding the topic whether you like it or not.
Also share your friendship experience I’ll surely share them too.
Waiting for your replies 😁
Thank you❤😊.


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