Fake smile sketch , Alone


Sketch made with the help of jst a normal pencil n eraser.


  • You can’t be strong all the time,
    Sometimes you just need to be alone,
    And let your tears out.
  • Some walks you have to take alone.

Here’s a shayari related to the topic.


Dil ne aaj phir unhein Yaad Kiya hai ,
Aur khudha se phir yeh faryaad Kiya hai,
Salamat rahe Woh hamesha ,
Baaki zindagi toh humne,
humesha hi unke naam Kiya h.

~Alisha Shaikh

A poem on it:


It’s been a long way from past few years,

Things aren’t the same as I make them to appear .

In which;

My smile hides my problem ,

My laugh hides that I’m done.

I alwyz pretend to be so happy,

Without any care for others,

But there are many things which make me unhappy,

Den to I keep them away from my mother.

Nobody really knows me ,

What really I’m ,

They only know my cover,

But I wish someone could know,

What I’m n be with me forever.

Apart from all these things ,

I practice to smile more in the mirror,

Then the next thing I do is ,

Make my fake smile more clearer.

What’s wrong with uh?

Did you need any help?

This all they all will ask 

So I’ve decided to live life behind a mask.

                                  ~Alisha Shaikh

Concluding here,

See guys we all don’t know about others on what they are going through in their life’s.

So, It’s my humble request to one and all that if you cannot help others in this so please don’t do wrong to them bcoz our one action can lead them to take many reaction which might be wrong. So please don’t.

And Always you all be happy n also spread happiness around y’all❤️

Hope you will like it😁.

Do comment n let me know about also share it.



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